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We believe that as the church gets bigger it needs to grow smaller to remain connected. One way to do that is through our Connect/Engage/Renew groups. Each group has a different function which fits different needs. 

Connect Groups

Our focus is to be a loving community of people who care more about who you are than what you do – professionally, personally, past or present – Connect groups are a genuine place to be… to become… to belong in a social setting. These groups meet for games, food and fun. 

Engage Groups

Engage groups at renew are what many churches call small groups. Our engage groups will take different shapes and sizes but what will be the same through all of them are twofold; a high commitment to building relationships within the group and a commitment to growing deeper in our relationship with Jesus!
Engage Groups: Deep, engaging relationships with each other as we connect with God are vital. We live in a world in which we have hundreds of "friends" and/or thousands of "followers" but most people still feel isolated and lonely. All of us long for friends with whom we can have deep and meaningful relationships. Our hope is that, through one-on-one connections, small groups/studies, mentoring and coaching, Engage groups will be a place to interact with each other as we find community and we become a community.

Renew Groups

Renew Groups: Have you ever thought, “What’s the purpose of the church anyway?” We believe its purpose is to make a difference in the world, to interrupt the things of earth with the things of Heaven. The church brings the things of Heaven to Earth. Renew Groups are individual service projects around Eau Claire to help new our community or random acts of kindness.

We are currently scheduling once a month service opportunities with various organizations throughout EC. Check out the events page for the latest opportunity! Renew groups go out into a hurting world to make a difference.

Groups starting in the fall 
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